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Construction & Renovation

A volunteer on the Construction project will have an opportunity to work on some construction projects. This project focuses on the construction and renovation of community centers, toilet facilities and schools.

This project is fit for someone who enjoys being outdoors and has a good level of fitness and a willingness to learn.

Some of the tasks may include painting, building, gardening and general maintenance. Projects and volunteer roles will vary ‚Äč according to the need at the time.

Since you will be volunteering alongside our local team, you do not need to have prior construction or renovation experience to participate on this project. We highly value skilled laborers as your experience will be of much help.

We also recommend that volunteers bring along some hand gloves and safety shoes to wear and also clothes fit for such work.

Kindly note that volunteers on project are required to pay a surcharge fee of $50 per week which is used to buy materials on the project. This fee is computed together with the programme fees.