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Elderly Care

In Zambian culture, it is common for the elderly to move in with their family or extended family when they are unable to independently care for themselves. Unfortunately, some senior citizens face abandonment if they have no family, or if their family is unable to provide for them. This can be due to financial issues, or if the health needs of the elderly are beyond the family’s capability.

This project is suitable to caring and compassionate volunteers who are interested in providing assistance wherever their help is most needed within a elderly care home.

Volunteers will offer support in preparing and serving meals, maintenance, cleaning, gardening, taking elderly to local hospitals or clinics, and providing general care and companionship to the seniors. Volunteers will be able to help with varying tasks . Mostly volunteers should be willing to work independently and also to use their initiative. Kindly note that there is a structure in this environment but voluntary services are highly appreciated.

This project does not require experienced volunteers but experience would be an added advantage.

The purpose of this project is to support elderly people in Zambia.