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In order to participate in our projects, volunteers must be 18 years and over unless they are volunteering with a parent or guarding. Adults of all age are encouraged to participate in our Volunteer projects, however a certain level of fitness is required as some lifting may be needed in some projects.

All Volunteers need to provide a criminal background check at the time of arrival at the project destination.

It is mandatory that all Volunteers have adequate travel insurance to cover medical emergencies and other contingencies such as lost baggage.

There are several benefits of volunteering some of which are
  • A way to help others
  • It helps to improve communities
  • It’s a way to meet new friends and learn about other cultures
  • It results in personal growth
  • It a way to gain work experience and helps to strengthen your resume.

The project fees include the following;
Airport pickups
Project Orientation
Accommodation and Meals

Flights and Visa: - It is your responsibility when travelling to ensure that you have a valid passport and visas which meet the requirements of the immigration authorities. Please let us know if you need information regarding Visas before you travel.
Medical and Travel insurance
Weekend trips and tours
Spending money and Snacks
Internet usage costs
Volunteers get time off from project work over the weekend. They are free to organise their own activities which may include tours to places of interest or visits to local curio markets. We are happy to recommend some trips and tours you can take in your spare time.